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Young Yeller - War

War from Brookyln based Jesse Brickel (aka Young Yeller) starts off sounding like an echoing protest chant, before being steered into the chorus by big-timpani, 80s-style, slow drumming and the insistence that “if ever there’s a war, I’ll go”. Not a protest chant then. More like the kind of song that propels teenagers into each other’s arms for a brief ceasefire in the war against their hormones.

The refrain brings to mind Leonard Cohen’s lyrics in There Is A War, where he beseeches the listener to “come on back to the war, don’t be a tourist”. I’m not sure if the two singers are talking about the same kind of war but obviously they’re both talking about conflict. And in Young Yeller’s song the hazy guitar and metronomic beat seems to pound out his determination to face his battles head on, if only to convince himself.

War is off Young Yeller’s soon to be released debut self-titled LP. Keep an eye on his Facebook page for release details.

By Chryss Stathopoulos

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