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Lower Spectrum - Khlever

I’m writing this while lying in the sun on my own private yacht as it slowly cruises the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean.

Strictly speaking, that’s not entirely true. I’m actually in gloomy Melbourne, wearing my warmest scarf and my thickest explorer socks as it’s bloody cold today. But, as is the case with every time I listen to Lower Spectrum (Ned Beckley), my brain has gone off and created its own reality.

With his latest track, Khlever, I no longer feel the bitter cold. From the moment the all-encompassing crescendo starts, the only thing I can feel is the warm summer sun on my back.  Each new layer of sound adds another degree of warmth and creates more visions in my daydream.  Beautiful islands drift by and tanned youth jump off high cliffs into crystal clear waters as my own private chef brings me plates of fruit and wine. It’s a tough life but someone has to dream it.  

Sadly for us Melbournians, Ned has moved from our shores and is now living in Perth but I’m OK losing him to our western countryfolk if it any way inspired him to create such magical, vision inducing music.

Khlever is the first single off his new album, TRACES, scheduled for release July 18. Pre-order it through Zero Through Nine.

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Kissed Her Little Sister - Miracle Of Birth

Truth be told, I usually ignore music submissions. I don’t mean to be a horrible person, but I’ve heard so many terrible submissions that have made me want to cry under my table that I save myself the pain and rarely listen to them anymore.

Today I have the opposite problem and it’s equally as painful. I’ve been staring at a blank screen for the past hour completely stumped as to what track to talk about from, Mbube, an amazing new album that has been sent through yesterday from LA’s Kissed Her Little Sister (Jeffrey Morisano). Now I want to go and cry under the table from utter confusion.

But I despair no longer as I’ve finally decided to talk about the incredibly intriguing first track off the album, Miracle Of Birth. The combination of the song title, eerie music and prayer-like lyrics conjure up a myriad of strange and slightly disturbing images. You can’t help but wonder what happened in the protagonist’s life to cause such despair. At about the 2.12 minute mark, the music reaches its peak, with the sounds become more brutal. Apologies to anyone with a weak stomach but I can’t help but imagine a grown man going through a birth canal at this point. Possibly that’s because I’ve just read an article about a dude who actually got stuck in a statue of a giant vagina in Germany. Seriously! What the hell was he thinking? Anyway, I digress.

This track, is in no way all sadness and misery though. What could have been an overly weighty piece, is kept perfectly balanced by the funky and soulful beat. It’s really a fantastic start to an album full of really interesting experimental sounds and an amazing mix of genres, including reggae and hip-hop. It’s the perfect album for music lovers like myself who enjoy unpigeonholable (that is so a word!) music. An album impossible to explain, you just have to experience it. Go buy it on Bandcamp now.

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Camp Claude - Trap

You know when someone says something and you’re pretty sure they don’t mean it? Like, “No, I’ve already had too much” when you offer them a piece of cake? Or, “It’s really… nice” when you ask a friend what they think of your new haircut? I kind of have the feeling that’s what’s going on in this new song by French band Camp Claude when the singer seductively sings “I won’t fall into your trap, you won’t get me just like that”.
Now, if her voice didn’t have such a come-hither quality to it, and if it weren’t accompanied by such hypnotic, mesmerising music I might actually believe what she was trying to sell me. But it sounds to me like the young lady doth protesteth too much.
Oh, but speaking of selling, if you’re interested in investing in Camp Claude’s upcoming Hurricane EP, you can own a little piece of the crowdfunding action at KissKissBankBank.

By Chryss Stathopoulos

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Decent Lovers - Me and Puppykitty

I may actually be obsessed with Decent Lovers.  This is the third single from the group that has managed to wedge itself into the bloody flaps of my beating heart and firmly lodge itself there.  I mean, I don’t want to play favourites and I swear I’m not getting any kind of kickback from the band but I just really like their kind of off-beat, quirky sound.  It’s eccentric and it’s different and it stands out from the crowd in a way that’s warm and fuzzy and makes me want to hug people around me.  And I’m not a hugger.   
This new song, called Me And PuppyKitty, is basically four tracks recorded onto a cassette tape - how charming and whimsical!  It’s about a pet cat that used to accompany singer Elijah Wyman on hikes in the mountainous area where he used to live.  Do you get it?  It’s a kitty that’s like a puppy.  I once dated a boy that had a Siamese cat that fetched, so I can totally relate to the puppy/kitty juxtaposition.  Elijah says that a lot of reviewers have pegged this song as “dark and untrustworthy”.  I actually think it’s sweet and innocent – like a young boy and his hunting cat prowling around the backyard looking for adventures.  Either way, it’s a great song that makes me want to run outside and writhe around in long grass for a while. 

By Chryss Stathopoulos

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Scorpio Loon - A Night At The Library

“A Night At The Library”. Doesn’t sound like THAT much fun, really.  I remember many nights at the library when I was studying at university and not a single one of them was sufficiently exciting enough to inspire a jangly, dancy, upbeat song like this one from Scorpio Loon.  Ahhh, but that’s probably because the song wasn’t inspired by a librarian keeping books, but more likely a mystery woman in blue encountered during a night out at The Library, an early 80s disco.  Makes a bit more sense now.
Delving a little deeper behind the scenes, I discovered that Larry Alvarez (the guy behind Scorpio Loon) sadly died a few years ago.  Which is really just tragic because the world needs more songs like this.  Funky, happy and uplifting.  Perfect for getting in the mood for a night out!  Thankfully Larry’s nephew has been releasing some of his Uncle’s fabulous tunes into the world so we can finally have a chance to enjoy them!  Check out his Soundcloud page for some more. 

By Chryss Stathopoulos

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Willow Beats - Incantation (Live Rework)

My brain is completely not functioning right now. It’s on holiday mode as it’s about to run off with me for a three day break in the country for the long weekend. YAY!!

But before it and I head off, I had to write a really quick post about an awesome live rework of Incarnation that Willow Beats recently did for a new show they are putting together. They were just planning to play this at their show and had no intention of releasing it but Pilerats convinced them otherwise. Good old Pilerats!!

This track is going to be my packing and dancing out the door music and is just the thing to help you have a fantastic start to the Queens Birthday long weekend.

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Bored Nothing - Not

I just found out that Hype Machine no longer indexes mixtapes as they want to ensure people provide context for each track. That’s a complete bummer as I quite enjoy being lazy once a month and not producing my usual verbal diarrhea type post.

All but one of the tracks that we featured in yesterday’s mixtape is already up on Hype Machine so the point of this post is to write something incredibly insightful about the one that’s not there as it truly deserves a wider audience.

I already blab on enough about Bored Nothing so no need to repeat myself on how fantastic I think his music is but what I will say is that this song, which is slowly becoming one of my favourite Bored Nothing tracks, came out of nowhere. There was no three week build up with daily comments like ‘I’m about to release a song and it’s going to be amazeballs and you will all really love it’. It just appeared one day on his Facebook page with a note that said ‘this song is for Gabby. Please raise a glass of whiskey and try your best to smile…’. I’m not into whiskey so I’m raising a glass of lemon squash instead.

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